The Shop, Inc. is your one stop shop for performance, custom, restoration & everyday work. You want it, we can make it happen! From mild to wild, The Shop, Inc. can bring your dreams to reality!!!

* Engine building

*Aftermarket parts installation

*Full custom parts installation.

*Transmission building

*Full custom Chassis

*Dyno tuning on our MD1750 Mustang Dynamometer

*Also have a Dynojet 248X Inertia Dyno

*Full vehicle restoration

The Shop, Inc. Shop Rates:

$150 an hour shop labor rate

Note: All Dyno and The Shop Inc. tuning sessions are billed at a 1 hour minimum and half-hour increments thereafter. To browse Mustang Dyno and HP Tuners websites click on the links below.

Mustang Dyno Rates:
Basic Horsepower and Torque and A/F readouts:
No extra charge for self-tuning

The Shop Inc Tuning Rates:
The Shop Inc. Tuning: $250/hour
**Includes Dyno rate of $150/hour

Full Custom Tune Rates:

Most Forced Induction: Start at $1100
Most Naturally Aspirated: $850

The Shop, Inc. uses HPTuners,  Mega Squirt, Holley, FAST, BS3, AEM, etc. If you have any question please feel free to call.
Complete Carburetor/Ignition Tuning Package: $650 + parts (jets etc, Edelbrock carbs require a calibration kit per use)
**Includes Dyno and The Shop Inc. Tuning rates of $250/hour